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The first day my son stayed at school until three in the afternoon, he had to take lunch with him. Since I wanted this to be a wonderful experience and to reinforce how great it was to stay all day, I prepared him his favorite lunch. Not only did I run out to the fast-food chicken store for the precise part of the chicken's anatomy he prefers, but I drove another mile and a half to a bakery where they make the kind of chocolate cupcakes he likes. I also threw in a small package of Doritos, one of those cute packages of fruit juice, and a napkin with Snoopy on it.
Let's look at what I did. First of all, the nutritional value of that meal stinks. Second, I wasted a lot of time, trouble, and money. But worst of all, I sent out a psychological message that said, "If you stay at school until three, you will be rewarded with food. ยป(I stood in the corner and punished myself when I realized what I had done.)
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